Who We Are

“Why a whole food, gluten and nut free cafe?”

Some people have asked me, “Why a whole food, gluten and nut free cafe?” Well, as a physician since 1985 in Saskatoon, I have witnessed a steady increase in the number of people diagnosed with celiac disease, an autoimmune disease where people lose the ability to break down gluten in wheat, rye, barley, and potentially in oats (if cross contaminated). In fact, we believe celiac disease is one of the most under-diagnosed diseases in medicine. As far as nuts go, who doesn’t know someone that is allergic to nuts? Leyda’s is a place where people with gluten intolerance or nut allergies can dine in peace. There will not be any gluten or nuts on the premises, so there will be no concerns with cross contamination. But Leyda’s is so much more than this.

Our restaurant will serve patrons delicious home cooked meals using as much organic, local & seasonal produce as possible. Our meats & seafood will be carefully sourced and there will be vegan & vegetarian options as well.

We are planning to host educational evenings at the restaurant to promote the philosophies behind the menu (which will be based on eating a diet rich in anti-inflammatory foods) and cooking classes as well. We will be posting updates with times and dates of these upcoming events, so stay tuned! We will also post recipes & educational blogs about how you can promote an anti-inflammatory lifestyle in your personal life.

We look forward to sharing so much wonderful information with you around health & healing. And for those of you that are able to join us at the restaurant, we look forward to “breaking bread” with you (gluten free of course!) at Leyda’s.

– Dee Dee Maltman

Leyda’s Heart

Dr. Dee Dee Maltman

is a graduate of the University of Saskatchewan College of Medicine, 1985. Prior to entering medical school she completed a degree in Biology at the U of S. After 25 years of working as a Family Physician in Saskatoon, Dr. Maltman returned to school and received a fellowship in Integrative Medicine through the College of Medicine, University of Arizona in 2012. Integrative Medicine is whole-person medicine emphasizing the therapeutic relationship between the physician and patient. It combines conventional and alternative/complementary practices that are evidence based and makes use of all appropriate therapies. With 77% of our health care budget being consumed by chronic disease management and with underlying chronic inflammation now cited as a major cause of most chronic disease, new treatments are needed in this area. Dr. Maltman is working to promote new approaches to chronic disease through all she has learned in her fellowship training. She looks forward to sharing some of the initiatives she has created to facilitate health and healing through an Integrative Medical approach.

Head Chef

Miguel De Lucas Sintes

Born in Madrid, Spain and inspired by the dream to one day change lives through food, Miguel De Lucas Sintes started his culinary path at a very young age. He was raised by his mother who was widowed when he was only one year old. He started working in the restaurant business at 11 years old as a dishwasher and became a waiter at 14. As a teenager he had already developed great fine dining skills, a strong knowledge of front of the house operations, and a detail-oriented customer service mindset.

Miguel graduated with an information technology degree and worked in a corporate setting only to realize that his passion was not to sit behind a computer, but to connect to people, socialize, and learn from various ways of thinking. He moved to Canada and graduated from Liaison College in Toronto as a Chef. He later moved to Saskatchewan, as he accepted a position at the renowned Calories Restaurant. Inspired by his Mediterranean homeland and motivated by the idea of transmitting positive energy to the world, Chef De Lucas Sintes started creating heartfelt dishes that tapped into people’s senses way beyond the palate! His cooking motto is: “transmit love through delicious and healthy food”.

After a positive spiritual awakening in early 2011, Chef Miguel left his Executive-Chef position to start a meditation journey under the Tibetan Kagyu lineage, learn Pranic Healing and to join the Better Humans family as the Culinary Director. “When people leave my tables, I want them to feel full of happiness, wanting to get home to spend time with their loved ones!” he says with a big bright smile.



We Do Private Parties


We offer you a place to gather for meetings, birthdays, reunions, showers, bachelorette parties, book clubs and weddings. “The Barn” can comfortably accomodate up to 14 people in a semi-private dining room. The restaurant is also available for rental, and can accommodate up to 65 people seated, or 80 standing. 

Minimum purchase amount required for full restaurant rental. Customized menus for private parties are available.