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"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food"

~ Hippocrates 400 BC
"Take care of your body. It's the only place you have to live."

~ Jim Rohn
"Don't eat anything your great-great grandmother wouldn't recognize as food."

~ Michael Pollan

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Meet the Chefs
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Miguel De Lucas Sintes

Born in Madrid, Spain and inspired by the dream to one day change lives through food, Miguel De Lucas Sintes started his culinary path at a very young age. He was raised by his mother who was widowed when he was only one year old. He started working in the restaurant business at 11 years old as a dishwasher and became a waiter at 14. As a teenager he had already developed great fine dining skills, a strong knowledge of front of the house operations, and a detail-oriented customer service mindset. Miguel graduated with an information technology degree and worked in a corporate setting only to realize that his passion was not to sit behind a computer, but to connect to people, socialize, and learn from various ways of thinking. He moved to Canada and graduated from Liaison College in Toronto as a Chef. He later moved to Saskatchewan, as he accepted a position at the renowned Calories Restaurant. Inspired by his Mediterranean homeland and motivated by the idea of transmitting positive energy to the world, Chef De Lucas Sintes started creating heartfelt dishes that tapped into people's senses way beyond the palate! His cooking motto is: “transmit love through delicious and healthy food”. After a positive spiritual awakening in early 2011, Chef Miguel left his Executive-Chef position to start a meditation journey under the Tibetan Kagyu lineage, learn Pranic Healing and to join the Better Humans family as the Culinary Director. "When people leave my tables, I want them to feel full of happiness, wanting to get home to spend time with their loved ones!" he says with a big bright smile.

Lindsay Janzen

Lindsay Janzen was raised on an acreage just outside of Quill Lake, Saskatchewan. After discovering her passion for cooking, she graduated with a diploma from the Culinary Institute of Canada in Prince Edward Island. Lindsay then found herself winning local cooking competitions and scholarships - she even competed at a national level in the second season of "The Next Great Chef". In her 10 years of experience she has cooked in many fine dining establishments, even catering for the crew of Michael Smith's television show, Chef at Home. Lindsay's career has taken her from the prairies to the east coast, to the United States as well as India and Italy. Her travels combined with her love of Saskatchewan has inspired her to create dishes with numerous influences. Although mainly trained in French and Italian fine dining, Lindsay keeps coming back to simple delicious food, focusing on quality ingredients. With multiple gardens on her family property as well as a bison herd to tend to, Lindsay was raised with a keen awareness of where food comes from. She appreciates where the quality comes from in food and recognizes the necessary bond between people and good, nutritious, quality food. Because of this relationship to food, she has come to appreciate more than just flavours. She feels there is an increasing need to help people understand the importance of proper nutrition and choosing quality foods. Joining the Leyda's team seemed like the next logical step in her pursuit of smart eating. Lindsay is excited to continue her journey of learning, educating and feeding both bellies and souls.

Adam Pollock

Adam Pollock was born and raised in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan and has always been a fan of this city he calls home. After studying Interior Design in Toronto, Adam returned home and began his career in the hospitality and food industry working at Calories Bakery and Restaurant where he received first hand experience in the French service style and eventually became the company's Catering Coordinator. His passion for design and food was clear from an early age and has led Adam to work on multiple local restaurant design projects including Souleio Foods, for which he won a Saskatoon Heritage Award, and Weczeria Food and Wine. Although Adam is passionate about good food, his skills in the kitchen left much to be desired and resulted in poor nutritional choices in the past. The time spent working on Leyda's has him energized to share the vast amount of knowledge surrounding the integral relationship between good health and good food and to bring a new conversation to the dining experiences of Saskatoon. In the past months he has made the shift from food for chewing... to food for living, and has seen and felt the rewards already. Adam is looking forward to his ongoing education, sharing the conversation surrounding nutrition, and having a meaningful impact on the lives of people both within and outside the walls of Leyda's.

Mallory Dawn Guenther

Born in the prairie town of Saskatoon, the vast landscape and open skies contributed to Mallory's sense of adventure and instilled a strong connection to the natural rhythm of the earth from a young age. Raised by her mother who taught her that nothing is impossible, and her father who taught her the value of family, she grew up with many dreams and followed them all in search of her one true passion. While living in Vancouver in 2008 Mallory was diagnosed with a tumor on her pituitary gland. It was this awareness that guided her to understand and value vibrant health. She soon left school to explore her passion and find a way she could serve Saskatoon, the city of her roots. Mallory left for Brazil in January of 2012 to attend her first Yoga Teacher Training. Upon her return she continued to study Health Coaching through the Institute of Integrative Nutrition and when Leyda's Cafe came to town she knew this was the next step on her path of service. "I want to help others rise to their true potential and find empowerment through the choices they make in their lives, especially when it comes to the way we communicate through the foods we eat." - MDG